Ansökan till Kempefonden HT-23

Ansökan till Kempefonden HT-23

Welcome to the Kempe foundation! Here you can apply for grants to your project.

When applying, remember to read the Instructions for applying, available at thoroughly before you fill out the form. Each semester, applicants unfortunatly misses the chance for a grant because of simple mistakes.

You can complete the appendices during the application period. After the final date of application, no completions can be done.

Best wishes and good luck!

1. Applicant

Individual application

2. Project

3. Appendices

Compulsory, but can be completed gradually Largest allowed file size is 32 MB.
You can only upload Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pdf or Jpeg files.

4. Compilation of costs

Specify in appendix 6

5. Awarded kempe scholarship (max 3)

Each awarded scholarship must be reported and approved before a new scholarship may be applied for!

6. Information about the applicants financial position

Non compulsory data

The person who apply for a scholarship under social and economic difficulties may attach an appendix.

7. Project summary

Project summary must not exceed the space given below. State the background, purpose, work plan and significance of the project.

When applying for funds for travelling, you must show how your data will be presented or how the results will be shown.

Max 2500 characters including spaces


All fields marked with * must be filled out. When you are finished with filling out the form, click ”Send” below. After this you will receive a unique code onscreen that can be used to complete your form.