Surveys and election

We welcome you to participate in one of our surveys or elections at the student union. Open surveys are open for everyone, while others demand a code for accessing. You can also participate in the student union elections each year. In those cases, you will be given a unique code that you use together with your Swedish social security number in order to log on and vote. If you have lost your unique code, you can always get it from the student union office by showing your identification.

There are no surveys or elections at the moment.

Scholarships and funding applications

Here you can apply for a scholarship or contributions for your project. If you already applied, you can always complete your application by using the code you received when you sent the application.

Type in your editing code in the field at the bottom in order to make completions.

Name Closing
Report on use of Kempe funds 2025-06-30
Återrapportering verksamhetsinvesteringar 2025-07-30
Application for the Kempe scholarship VT-24 2024-09-30

Nominations and vacancies

Here you can submit nominations for elections held within our organization. If you have submitted nominations earlier you are able to return and make changes using the code that you received the first time you a nomination.

Enter your editing code in the box at the bottom to make changes or view the status.

Here you can also send in applications for paid student union elective positions, other elective positions and for jobs.

Currently, there is no election open for nominations.

Projects and arrangements

Here you can create the basis for your project or event. You can also complete you materials with more information for the duration of your project or event.

There are no projects available at the moment.